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Ushering in Spring/Summer 22 with a new and colourful set of pocket squares – the last piece in the Quintessential Gentleman quartet, this time with scenes from the French Riviera. The new collection embodies everything that is pleasant about the season – think blue skies, sunglasses, margaritas and of course, sartorial splendour. From the midday high sun by the pool, to an early evening’s promenade and finally a splendid black-tie affair late into the night in Monaco, we present to you ‘The Riviera’ series. 


The first of the three, 'The Poolside' is set with clear blue skies and splendidly warm weather. In such a scenario, few things are better than chilling by the poolside in a guayabera shirt, sipping margaritas and taking in the beauty of the French Riviera.


The second pocket square in the collection, 'The Promenade', explores one of the many splendours of the French Riviera i.e. pleasantly colourful scenic views which can only call for some promenading, presumably after a sumptuous supper, taking in the gorgeous sunset, before preparing for the much-looked-forward-to events of the night ahead.


The final of the trio 'Midnight Drive' depicts a warm summer’s night.  With the roof down on the classic automobile, we take in the delightful midnight while smoking a fine cigar and enjoying gorgeous company. This has all the makings of a pleasurable time on the French Riviera.


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