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Roderick Collection

The Roderick Collection – The Quintessential English Gentleman

You may have noted from our ‘About Us’ section that our sartorial inspirations emerge from English, Italian, the Far East and African influences. The `Roderick Collection’ featuring three pocket squares is an homage to the first of these influences and tells the story of what might be considered a typical (weekend) day in the life of a traditional English gentleman.


Rainy Afternoon

The first of the three pocket squares begins with the character, Roderick, whose afternoon stroll in the heart of the City of London, is characteristically confronted by what is known to be typical of British weather – light rain. This, having no bearing on his mood, he holds aloft is umbrella and enjoys a scenic London route which boasts of iconic sightings such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. 


London Taxi

Roderick’s promenade ends where another of his journeys begin. He hails a London Black Cab, and as may be suggested by the signpost in the illustration, is headed towards St. James’s, SW1 – a locality in the South West of the capital that is home to many of the city’s great charms. St. James’s also hosts, for gentlemen of a certain ilk, many classy social establishments, including Dukes London, Davidoff of London, and James J. Fox to name a few. Any one of these opulent establishments might be the destination of Roderick’s taxi drive, given that they all hold private smoking areas where gentlemen (and often ladies, naturally) may spend an hour or two, winding down or socialising while enjoying a very good cigar and expertly made beverage.

Cigar Lounge

The story concludes in Roderick looking rather pleased, having arrived at his destination. The details here are set in the old school vintage silent movie ‘end screen’ with a delighted Roderick with a cigar in one hand and a part-filled glass near the other. With a lighter and ashtray at the ready, this makes for the settings of a very good hour or two ahead to look forward to.  

Dressed immaculately in a classic navy-blue double-breasted jacket, paired with cream trousers and classic oxfords, the season could be set in spring, in summer or even autumn. Indeed, with the cold chills of winter arriving much later nowadays, it could even be set in the early days of winter where the weather is still quite accommodating. For clearer images, visit our webstore and buy the collection here.

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