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The Fabrizio Collection

We are following the continuing success of the 'Roderick Collection' with our next offering - the 'Fabrizio Collection', telling the story of parts of the day in the life of an Italian gentleman.

This collection is ode no.2 of 4 of Elavanyo's sartorial influences. With tastefully imaginative backdrops set in Naples, a city in southern Italy famous for its art, architecture and Neapolitan tailoring, this collection displays a more relaxed air around sartorialism, without sacrificing the elegance we have come to associate with Italian tailoring.

Despite the release of this collection being impacted by the global pandemic, we are happy to say that the colours employed in the design of these pocket squares have carefully been selected to allow you to enjoy wearing them all year round. 

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One thought on “The Fabrizio Collection

  1. avatar Colin Banfield says:

    Well done to the team at Elavanyo for creating the Fabrizio and Roderick pocket square collections – you have elevated the humble pocket square to being a ‘must have’ item for the sartorial connoisseur. The products are of a high quality, with interesting and contemporary illustrations in a wonderful palette of colours. Thank you for brightening up the Covid-19 world. Customer service was polite and responsive and product delivery was very prompt.

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