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The Kenji Collection

Our latest collection is an ode to Japanese sartorialism, with wonderful scenes set in Tokyo. 

The first of the 3 pocket squares is set at a Tokyo train station with Mount Fuji in distant sight. Kenji-san makes his journey on one of Japan's famous high speed trains after the afternoon's business is done. His journey takes him to an Omakase restaurant in the second of the 3 pocket squares, where he enjoys some traditional bespoke sushi freshly prepared by an Itamae (skilled sushi chef) and some sake as evening dawns. The series concludes with the pocket square depicting Kenji-san leaving the Omakase restaurant after an enjoyable evening and taking in the elegant view of the Tokyo skyline at night in this Elevator Scene.

We have done well to capture some great characteristics indigenous to Japan with the high speed train representing all that all is excellent in the region's technological and engineering advancements; a classy Omakase restaurant which displays a rich culture in a social setting; and not forgetting the wonderful landmark displayed in all our series to date, in this case Mount Fuji. We hope you're excited to add these pocket squares to your collection as much as we enjoyed making them.

Team at Elavanyo.

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